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There is also a charity which Ann and Nick have decided should be used to make a memorial for Alan, principally because it involves one of his favourite subjects, trees.

Nick and Ann have set up an online account in cooperation with The Woodland Trust, which can be donated to directly. (This account is organised by The Trust, and any questions regarding the security of payments should be sent to them please.)


This account (further details below this) has now been acted on, and an acre of land in Trenant Woods in Cornwall has been chosen as the site to dedicate to Alan's memory.

The acre is available to the public, as it is Woodland Trust property, and although being slightly difficult to access, has been viewed and approved by a growing number of Alan's family, and will have a memorial bench placed upon it in due course.

Once Nick has arranged some photo's of the area involved, they will be posted here on the site.

Ann, Nick, indeed all of Alan's family, would like to greatly thank all those who donated towards the account; The Woodland Trust for being entirely understanding and helpful; and we hope that more support be given to The Trust in the future!


It has come to Nick's attention, that if you are a BT customer, further support can be given to the Woodland Trust by signing up for "paper-free billing"...
For your information only (for legal reasons we cannot specifically endorse BT):
Once at the BT website, go to the "Your Account/Accounts" menu, and follow the "BT and Woodland Trust" link.

What follows are the old instructions to donate towards "Alan's Acre":
From the Woodland Trust link (above), you click on:
  1. "Wooodland Dedications" (at the top)
  2. "donations in lieu of flowers..." (from the list)
  3. then the "...memorial fund..." link from the choice of two
The name associated with the fund is Alan's; Ann was charged with the actual organisation of the fund, so if in doubt add "Ann Gray" somewhere in the transcript!

As far as we can tell, £5 buys a sapling, in addition to grown or "ancient" trees being available for sponsorship.

After some time has passed, beyond the date of the event, Ann and Nick shall chose a location where any money we raise will be spent. Full details will be posted here on the site.

We realise that, at the moment, there are many worthy causes needing your support, but we would be grateful for your donation however small. Thank you.